Our Plans

Our Plans
Our Plans
Our Plans

School Commons:
Connect and Secure

Our School Commons will be a place of fun and learning. The wide lawn and brick walkways will be not only beautiful but also appropriate for many activities, from spring picnics and student-teacher kickball games to Lower School recess and outdoor science classes.

The site plan also provides for student safety. With reconfigured entrances, exits, drives and parking, our students will be secure on a more united campus.

Ursuline Academy strives to be a school for all who wish to learn. Planned elevators in the Upper School building and one in the Student Life Center will make our school more accessible for students, families, and guests. It will also aid students and staff who may be temporarily limited due to injury.

Student Life Center:
Learn and Collaborate

The Ursuline Convent will be renovated into a new Student Life Center creating a space that unites the Ursuline family.

The first floor will be dedicated to collaborative space, emphasizing engagement and cooperation between students. This floor will house new dining facilities, library, student atrium, and more.

Through our continued commitment to the Arts, the second floor of the Student Life Center has been dedicated to expanding imagination, innovation, and learning.

The third floor will house the Leadership of the Academy. By moving our administrative staff onto campus, we will have the opportunity to view and enhance programs frequently and ensure strong and regular communications between our students and staff.

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“Do something...Get moving...Be confident...Risk new things...Stick with it... Then be ready for big surprises!”
– Saint Angela Merici